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Train Worldwide creates programs tailored to individual needs in these environments ranging from business coaching

to training programs in a wide variety of levels and purposes. And we do it in a way that will have long-lasting impact.

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Global Training & Development

Bringing Your Business From Production to Profit


 Globalization has opened new opportunities to people all over the world.  Instant communication and other technologies have caused walls to fall, borders to fade, and have led to a new age of business possibilities in many areas of the world.  Prospective entrepreneurs have unique and marketable goods and services, and they could create businesses that lift their communities to a new level of economic and social success.  But to get there these aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs need help in learning how to build and establish their businesses in the global marketplace. 

 At TW we offer that help.  We are a global training and development organization that empowers leaders at all levels in developing countries and at home to build and promote profitable, sustainable enterprises.  TW creates programs tailored to individual needs in these environments ranging from business coaching to training programs in a wide variety of levels and purposes.  And we do it in a way that will have long-lasting impact. 

 We work not only to give these business leaders the tools to build their organizations, we make sure they are prepared to transfer these learnings within their communities in ways tailored to their cultures and systems. In addition, TW offers expertise that combines the experience of the non-profit world with the problem-solving, know-how of professionals who have backgrounds with successful businesses.TW leaves behind the spirit and know-how that launches these aspiring business leaders on the road from production to profit.

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Moira Deasy, Founder Train Worldwide

Moira Deasy

Founder Train Worldwide


 Moira Deasy, Train Worldwide founder, is a Professional Training and Development Executive with more than 20 years of experience instructional design, curriculum development, eLearning and learning styles expertise. Before becoming Director of Training for Aid to Artisans, Moira spent her career in various training and leadership roles in the private sector in Washington DC and Montreal, Canada.

 Shortly after joining ATA it was evident to Moira that many private sector practices could and should be applied to the management of donor funded initiatives. The sustainability of training efforts, in particular those geared towards emerging entrepreneurs needed to be focused on making a profit. Changing the conversation to “profit is not a bad word, but a necessity” was the first order of business. Throughout her tenure at ATA Moira continued to bring in practices common place in the private sector but considered innovative in the development world. Under her tenure ATA developed their first eLearning modules, deployed their first LMS and conducted their first Virtual instructor Led Training.

With an eye towards bringing these same practices to the development sector as a whole, Moira launched Train Worldwide (TW). TW’s unique contribution is that all of our consultants have private sector experience. Each of them understand that to build sustainable businesses, communities and countries the beneficiaries must be able to stand on their own. Leaving skill sets on the ground with local leadership is at the core of all we do.    Technology plays a large role in our ability to reach many such many disenfranchised groups. TWs partnerships with cutting edge technology players allows us to be at the forefront of technological solutions to training. We believe that getting out front of the technology curve is the key to success for development.

 With experience at the local, regional and Ministry levels TW and our consultants have developed and delivered training programs that have been profiled in internationally known media outlets such as the Wall street Journal, the Huffington Post and National Public Radio.

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