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TW has represented a broad range of development agencies in various parts of the globe.




United States Department of Commerce (DOC), Tbilisi


 The mission of the Department is to create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity. The trade division seeks to expand the U.S. economy through increased exports and foreign direct investment that leads to more and better American jobs by opening markets globally and increasing U.S. exports.

TW was hired to develop and deliver custom curriculum for Georgian business leaders looking to expand their export capabilities while attracting U.S. business partners, in particular franchise operations. TW together with the DOC and a franchising expert developed curriculum in support of a two day business symposium conducted in Tbilisi. The business leaders from the former Soviet Republic learned how to develop a business plan that would be appealing to Western investors and partners. Additionally they learned the fundamentals of franchising including how to make their business attractive to potential partners. Participants learned the value of a regional approach in enticing relevant and lucrative franchising opportunities.

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