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TW has represented a broad range of development agencies in various parts of the globe.




Provincial Reconstruction Project


Accessing conflict and post conflict areas with the subject matter expertise often required to move communities forward can be both dangerous and cost prohibitive. Beneficiaries with the greatest need  can now be reached through technological solutions that are both culturally appropriate and sensitive to in-country restraints.

 Working with the PRTs, TW consultants and subject matter experts from ATA developed and delivered a virtual training to aspiring Iraqi entrepreneurs, primarily women. These entrepreneurs were working with as many as 100 business people. With support from the U.S. State Department, Trainers and subject matter experts in the U.S. used webcams and Adobe Connect Pro technology to reach real time attendees located at the US Embassy in Baghdad. Through an Arabic translator provided by the U.S. State Department, attendees learned how to export, cost and price, differentiate their products with Iraqi traditions, and a key skill: using the Internet which was unavailable during the previous regime. The relevant business skills needed to compete in a free market economy catalyzed these business leaders who began successfully selling their products within weeks of the training.

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