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TW has represented a broad range of development agencies in various parts of the globe.




Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP)

US Department of Commerce, Bishkek


 CLDP is a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce that helps achieve U.S. foreign policy goals in developing and post-conflict countries through commercial legal reforms. CLDP’s unique, government-to-government technical assistance draws upon highly-experienced regulators, judges, policymakers, business leaders and attorneys from both the public and private sectors to deliver results that make meaningful and lasting changes to the legal and business environments of our host countries.

TW was contracted in support of CLDP’s part of its program to expand small and medium sized businesses and increase opportunity for women and rural citizens of Kyrgyzstan. TW conducted a small business market access training for the crafts industry of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The four-day training included approximately 40 Kyrgyzstani businesses, cooperatives, and community development organizations. During the first two days of the program, two international experts in business development lead a led participants through a market access workshop, including a series of case studies and exercises designed to increase market readiness and export capacity. Following the workshop, the advisors conducted two days of site visits to the production facilities and design studios of select Kyrgyzstani producers to conduct follow-up evaluations of previously held CLDP programs and provide individual advising to the participants.

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