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At TW we know that people support what they help create. That's why we guide our participants in a way that fully 

engages them in creating their path to success. Our goal is for a transformative experience. Equally important, we develop stakeholder capability to support and sustain our training efforts so that these businesses will thrive in the longterm.

Workshop Design
& Facilitation


Our team of professional trainers can develop and deliver workshops based on your groups needs or you may choose from a list of ready-made training modules that have been developed, tested and refined through numerous USAID funded initiatives. Our adult learning focused design results in highly interactive, engaging workshops.


Technological Training Solutions


Elearning, Virtual Training and gamification are changing the way we reach our beneficiaries. The traditional “boots on the ground” approach to training is being complimented with cutting edge technological solutions. In today’s global climate technological solutions to training can be more efficient, cost effective and in many transitional parts of the world a safer solution for trainers and learners alike. TW’s experts are qualified in all areas of training development and can offer technological solutions regardless of the quality or reliability of the learners internet access.


Training Program
Design & Management


Train Worldwide will design and manage multiyear training initiatives for those organizations that may choose to outsource this aspect of their programmatic activities. From needs assessment through evaluation, TW will provide the right expertise for each phase of your training programs.

of Trainers


Engaging stakeholders is critical to the sustainability of any development initiative. Train Worldwide has developed course work focused on leaving skill sets on the ground. We work extensively with your subject matter experts to assure they have the ability to impart their knowledge to your beneficiaries.

Custom Curriculum Development


Trainworldwide will custom design curriculum at the stake holder and vocational level and train your groups on how to present them through in country coaching and detailed leader’s guides. Your organization can own your own custom, off the shelf training modules and workshops that can be reused continually through your programs.


In the developing world, sustainability of efforts is largely dependent on workforce development (WfD). Access to an adequately trained workforce is challenging in regions where formal education can only be accessed by a select few. TW uses both place based and sector based approaches in our WfD initiatives. In many areas developing a region’s entrepreneurial sector can the most effective approach to meeting the needs of the underserved and those with cultural, geographical or social issues that may impede their entrance into the traditional workforce.

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