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What people are saying about Train Worldwide:

"Moira Deasy is an experienced and gifted trainer and facilitator. 

You can see the effect she has with her participants, by the end of a training they have changed in some way."

~ Lauren Barkume, Africa Craft Trust

"Based on the two-day online training you conducted here, much benefit will be received by those attending an in-person session. You gave the attendees great information which is being put to use now in Baghdad."

~ Ron Melvin, Economic Advisor PRT

"I have collaborated with Train Worldwide on ILT workshops and online training. TW is a creative leader with a strong drive for results oriented learning programs. TW is able to think strategically and has a great eye for detail assuring every project is completed on time, within budget and achieve results greater than expected by her customers. I always look forward to working with Train Worldwide, it is a pleasure!"

~ Julie Thick Hutchinson, Instructional Design Consultant

"Moira is a consummate professional with extremely high standards. She pays as much attention to preparation as she does to delivery, resulting in the best possible product. She is also a great facilitator, and is able to maintain control in a wide range of circumstances. I think that in Moira's case, this can be a mixed blessing - she makes it look too easy! I have had some of my best professional experiences working with Moira. She has taught me a great deal about training, and I feel that my own performance has improved dramatically under her guidance. I strongly recommend working with Moira and Train Worldwide."

~ Carol M. Campbell, Market Development Consulting for Artisan Resources /
Alternative Sourcing for the Home Decor Industry

"I've worked with Train Worldwide many times on international training programs. TW was able to help me refine both my visual and oral presentations in a way that made them more fluid and understandable to the participants. I have learned a great deal from TW in how to effectively present to an adult constituency. I enjoyed immensely working with Train Worldwide and look forward to other collaborations."

~ Colvin English, Co-Founder / Vice-President at ByHand Consulting

"Moira and I worked closely together in support of our shared clients. I could always depend on Moira to understand our client's needs and craft solutions that fit those needs. I was impressed with her ability to quickly grasp the complex issues our clients worked on and speak on the client's terms, not ours. In Washington's ever changing policy world, Moira was able to bring to bear a solid understanding of how larger geopolitical issues impacted our potential clients and demonstrate how the solutions our products offered would lead them to more successful outcomes.

Moira's intelligence, curiosity, and enthusiasm make her a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have her on board."

~ Basil Tilmon, Director, Salesforce Integration and Training at KnowWho, Inc.
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