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TW has represented a broad range of development agencies in various parts of the globe.



United Arab Emirates

Khalifa Fund for Business Development, Abu Dhabi


 The Khalifa Fund aims to create a new generation of Emirati entrepreneurs by instilling and enriching the culture of investment amongst young people, as well as supporting and developing small to medium investments in the United Arab Emirates. In order to create a favorable investment environment and strengthen the capacity of entrepreneurs, the Fund has developed a system of support services for entrepreneurs. These include training, development, data and consulting services, in addition to a number of marketing-focused initiatives.

 TW consultants were contracted to develop and deliver a training of trainers for the on staff business counselors. Participants were taught the fundamentals of product development unique to the Emirates. Marketing strategies, costing and pricing and merchandising comprised a bulk of the curriculum. Attendees also engaged in interactive learning activities designed to impart the lessons of teaching to a variety of learning styles.

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